Misconceptions Of Vegetarianism

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Help Yourself While Helping The Planet
How could something as simple as a diet change the world? Approximately 75 pounds of meat is consumed per person per year around the world (Gould, 2015) . Most of the population believes that consuming meat is imperative for maintaining health and survival, it 's not. Children are raised eating animal flesh, focusing less on necessary nutrients such as vegetables, fruits and grains. Misconceptions about vegetarianism being deficient in nutrients has carried through generation to generation. We are programmed to believe that meat is the dominant source of protein, the key to gaining muscle, maintaining energy, and providing iron and B12. Society not only supports, but encourages the consumption of meat, focusing on the benefits of eating meat and turning a blind eye to all the consequences that come along with meat production. Approximately 375 million people across the world were vegetarian in 2014, which is sadly no comparison to the $87 billion in meat sales per year on average. (Heinrich böll foundation, 2014). I believe that vegetarianism, although misunderstood, is not only the best diet health wise, but the most impactful diet that can help save the rapidly deteriorating environment.
There are multiple public figures that are advocates of vegetarianism as well, including Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Benjamin Franklin and Gandhi. Not only are there many public figures that suggest a vegetarian diet, but there are years of research
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