Misconceptions Of Witchcraft: Good Or Evil?

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Magic can be real to some people and fictional to others. It could be used to describe a feeling, or it could mean an action. There is a form of magic known as witchcraft. The art of witchcraft can range from simple activities like burning incense for protection to complex and eerie acts like summoning the dead. Society defines those who participate in these types of acts as witches. Witches are sometimes depicted as evil, deceiving, and grotesque hags. This is far from the truth though. First of all, not all people who participate in witchcraft are witches, and not all forms of witchcraft are evil. One specific group that is being affected by these misconceptions are Wiccans. Wicca is a recognized religion while witchcraft
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It is believed that everything is produced by a force of energy, this is what many Wiccans view as a deity. One popular goddess, also well known to the ancient Greeks, is Athena. A warrior goddess, who is also associated with intelligence. Those seeking guidance in self-defense, might worship, or pray to this deity (Spirited Enterprise 2015). The use of spells is a common practice for many Wiccans. A spell can require an incantation, sometimes a poem or saying repeated a few times and objects with a specific energy to draw out the intended affect. For example, the use of violets, which represent protection, healing, and sleep. A spell of healing might include violets into the recipe (Spirited Enterprise 2015). Another practice of Wiccans, is participating in rituals. There are eight celebrations, which have been observed for thousands of years: Samhain, October 31st; Yule, Winter Solstice, Dec-Jan; Imbolc February 2nd; Ostara, March 19-22; Beltane, May 1st; Litha, Summer Solstice June; Lughnasadh, August 1st; and Mabon, September. (The Celtic Connection 2001). In these festival gatherings there is singing, dancing, and…show more content…
Thanks to some popular media like Harry Potter, many wiccans are not hiding in fear of discrimination like they were a few decades ago. Although books like Harry Potter are more fantasy than reality, it shows that magic can be used for good, and that sometimes people judge others wrongly because of their beliefs like the Muggles did with Harry. It is still difficult to tell others of one’s pagan beliefs. Those who are brave enough to do so sometimes get called derogatory names, are treated differently, and even experience violent threats and actions from others (Paganism for Dummies
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