Misdemeanor Probation

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A flourishing down town with fine dinning and shops. You are few people shy of the population of Dallas and Austin. Life is great, businesses are growing, Families are happy and there is little to none of poverty. Now imagine, all that gone, within a day. You look out the window or up from the porch you are sitting on and see a dark greenish sky. The once cool summer breeze is now still air. You look up out of curiosity and see approaching clouds of debris. Then while so very humid large hail fails but no rain. Then you hear them, you hear them loud and panic comes over you, you do not have long to react. Tornado warning horns are blaring, what do you do? Waco is situated beside the Brazo River and I-35 between Dallas and Austin. Waco was…show more content…
Currently the number of individuals on supervised probation is $3,290. The number of individuals on misdemeanor probation is $1,593. The average cost have to have one individual on probation is $1.38. The average cost for the entire population of people on probation is $4,540.20. “It has become conventional wisdom that America’s prisons are too full, and prominent elected officials on both sides of the aisle have expressed enthusiastic support for reducing the number of Americans behind bars. One thing all these reform-minded lawmakers seem to agree on is that the beneficiaries of a more lenient criminal justice system should be strictly limited to nonviolent offenders.” By Leon Neyfakh March 4 2015, Everyone wants to reduce America’s prison population Retreivedfromhttp://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/crime/2015/03/prison_reform_releasing_only_nonviolent_offenders_won_t_get_you_very_far.2.html. Now I know what soon are thinking, Why would the elderly want criminals around their home. When I speak of non-violent offenders I 'm talking about people convicted of; unpaid parking ticket ( in the state of texas, you can serve time),DUI, Non-payment of child…show more content…
One of theses alternative programs comes from the U.S department of housing and urban development. HUD states their purpose as following,”To improve living conditions for lower income homeowners through either the rehabilitation of their existing home or building a new home if repair is infeasible” Retrieved from http://www.waco-texas.com/housing-rehabilitation-reconstruction.asp. Borrowers must be 80% or below the average earned income, property taxes and insurance must be current and cannot own any other income property. You must qualify for a mortgage, taxes and insurance. A structure is determined feasible for rehabilitation if the rehab costs do not represent more than the after-rehab value of the home or exceed $24,999. As you see, this solution seems to have may qualifications and terms. I can appreciate that Waco has programs that will help fix and in some cases, reconstruct these houses, but, what happens if you fall in these guidelines. Also what is the time line from the loan application to the actual reconstruction process. The only other options I found in seniors is a program Waco has placed for low income individuals to become home owners. I actually really like this project Waco is doing, It takes old, abandon homes and tears them down and build up new homes. “If you 'd like to buy a home for your family, but may need a little assistance, then the City of Waco 's New/Acquisition

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