Mise-En-Scene In Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

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Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Rear Window, is an excellent film that brings together some very interesting aspects. The film takes place in the main character, Jeff’s apartment; he is a professional photographer who broke is leg and is confined to his apartment. Jeff begins watching the daily lives of his neighbors for entertainment, he suspects that his neighbor murdered his wife and the movie is all about gathering evidence and probing that this really happened. Throughout this movie Hitchcock makes use of Mise-en-scene, characterization and secondary plot, all of which are very interesting topics that work together to make an exceptional film. Mise-en-scene is present throughout this film, but a couple aspects that are particularly significant include, the lighting, costumes/makeup, and the setting. The lighting during the daytime scenes is very natural creating a realistic effect for the viewers,…show more content…
At the beginning of this film it is pointed out that Lisa wants Jeff to stay in New York and start photographing in fashion, that way they can settle down and be together where Jeff wants to travel and be adventurous. Jeff claims that Lisa would not be able to live his lifestyle and that their relationship should just remain the same and not get married. Lisa’s involvement with the investigation throughout this film shows Jeff that Lisa can be adventurous, for example when Mr. Thorvald is not home Lisa climbs into his apartment to find evidence and ends up getting arrested. While this was going on Jeff was on the edge of his seat and realized how much he really loved her and although it wasn’t said or confirmed it appeared as if he was beginning to change his views on marriage. This all occurred because Lisa went outside of her comfort zone and showed Jeff that she could be adventurous and when she was in trouble and was unable to help her he realized his true feelings for
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