Mise-En-Scene In Lemonade

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Mise-en-scene is the arrangement of everything that appears on the framing of the scene actors, costumes, lighting, decoration, props, makeup, facial expressions and body language and also the camera work. ‘Denial’ scene near the beginning of the film highlights black women’s questioning of themselves, their identity and how they are in pressure and forced to run away from negative labels placed upon them by the media. This essay is going to discuss the significance in the ‘Denial chapter, I am going to focus on where Beyoncé is under water, where she removes the black sweater that was covering her, where she swims and floats around in a beautiful bedroom. In my close analysis of the scene, I am going to show that in the film the technique mise-en-scene was used to show that the film Lemonade represents the character’s consciousness, thoughts and emotions. Mise-en-scene in the film of Beyoncé Lemonade includes the director’s creative control of the way in which we view the scene, which includes costumes, makeup, setting, lighting and the staging within the frame of the film. In the chapter Denial, Beyoncé starts saying the words ‘I tried to change’ in the attempt to come to terms with her feelings she tries to change her identity for the appearance to please her husband. Fully covered with water as a symbol of…show more content…
The chapter of Denial highlights and show us the experience of black women trying hard to change themselves to fit in with the society. The use of the techniques of mise-en-scene in the visual film provide the audience with with the reality in which black women are safe and comfortable. Black women should be fearless and learn to make decisions for themselves without the influence of the society and what the media says about them. And buy us standing together as women we can help each other in the challenges we have by supporting one
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