Misha's Life In Milkweed By Jerry Spinelli

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Steal and run!! That is what Misha’s life depends on every day because he doesn’t have a home or a family. Why would anyone leave their family and become homeless? That is exactly what Maniac Magee did to his aunt and uncle after his parents died in a trolley accident. In these realistic fiction novels, set in Germany and the U.S.A, the main characters Maniac, and Misha must deal with family issues and not being able to fit in. In “Milkweed” and “Maniac Magee” Jerry Spinelli portrays the main characters having no family to express how hard it is to succeed without support. First off, in the realistic novel Milkweed, Misha is abandoned by his whole family; but they did not leave him he just got kidnapped so he never got a chance to see them.…show more content…
Your name is Misha Pilsudski. And he told me the rest...” (29). This proves my claim because it shows how hard it is for Misha to live without knowing his family is alive after he was kidnapped. Also Misha did not even know his name till Uri found his father’s “book” which had all the information about Misha’s long lost family. Even when Misha found out his name and family he still didn’t remember his name was Misha Pilsudski and, he didn’t recognize any family members when he heard their names. Similarly, in Maniac Magee the main character Maniac, also has no parents because they died in a trolley accident and then Maniac abandoned his aunt and uncle and went on the loose. At one point in the story Maniac tells Mr. Beale that he has no home because his parents died and he was left with his aunt and uncle who hated each other so Maniac decided to leave. Maniac reveals to Mr. Beale he has no home, “Maniac’s lip started to quiver, and right there, with the car idling in the middle of the street, Maniac told him that he didn’t really have a home, unless you counted the deer shed at the zoo.” (43). This proves my claim because it reveals how hard it is for a kid like Maniac to deal with having no family.
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