Mislabeling Persuasive Essay

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Recent data shows that 59% of the tuna which Americans consume actually it is not real tuna. Should we believe this or not we will argue later in our article.

Oceana, a nonprofit ocean protecting group, alarms that about 60% of the tuna sold in the shops and restaurants around USA is completely different fish which was mislabeled and placed on the market. The same goes for sushi.
Do you love sushi?

The most common examples of mislabeling are found in sushi sold on the markets and in sushi restaurants. Oceana published an investigation which was conducted by the organization where data show that more than one third of the fish samples from all across USA were mislabeled, 60% of the tuna was completely different fish, 74% of the fish samples
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During many years the tons of uncontrolled fish piled up in our markets and homes. To solve this situation and avoid the mislabeling and confusion we must create a system to control the other percent of imported food in order to avoid serious diseases.

Loaded with mercury

Since we were little kids we were thought that fish is good for us because it is rich in omega 3 fats which will do wonders for our health. Nowadays in this modern society where pollution has reached its highest point we can’t be sure that the food and especially the fish we consume are 100% healthy and clean. Tests conducted by Geological Survey have shown that tuna is high in mercury which may kill a person.

Do you love seafood?

If you are great sea food lover than we suggest you to try wild caught food such as salmon or take some medicine such as chlorella tablets in order to help your organism absorb the mercury from the fish. Also herring, sardines and anchovies are great option due to their short life.

However, always check the labeling, be aware what you eat and where you buy youf favorite food.

Try to avoid these:

Tuna (tuna steaks, sushi, canned tuna)
Sea bass and largemouth bass
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