Robert Wright's Mismatch Theory

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Question 2 Artificial intelligenc(AI), which tackles the problems of ‘evolution of despair’ mentioned by Wright and the failure of social changes towards technological advancements claimed by Ornstein and Elhrich, will replace the future human-being. Firstly, there are mismatches between social conditions and natural evolution as well as cultural evolution and technological advancement, therefore, people find it hard to keep pace with the changes and hence, human will be desperate. Regarding the ‘Mismatch Theory’ claimed by Robert Wright, even if technology brings good to human, the world created will be an uncomfortable and unfulfilling place to live. A sense of life's pointlessness, and social isolation are the sources of stress (Linda…show more content…
A sense of life's pointlessness, and social isolation are the sources of stress (Linda & Ahmed, 2003: p. 24). For example, the good traits from the past are impractical in real society from hunter gatherer society to the present world. Genetic proliferation, related to reciprocal altruism leads to better lives (Linda & Ahmed, 2003: p. 25). Hunter-gatherer males win in the competition can have a better mating and getting better gene for the next generation. Offspring can build up a social cooperation and contribute to a higher chance of survival in an affiliated society (Linda & Ahmed, 2003: p. 25). However, there is a mismatch in social conditions that people feel unpleasant and disappointed due to social failure in the rivalries community (Linda S. & Ahmed S., 2003: Ch. 3, p. 25) Regarding the saying of Ornstein and Elhrich, "non-zero-sum “relations with interdependence on technology cannot benefit human lives due to mismatches. Culture does not develop the ability to deal with long- term trends whereas technological advancements have changed rapidly (Ornstein & Ehrlich, 1989: p.56). People, like the Eskimos, lived from day to day without the little thought for future (Ornstein & Ehrlich, 1989: p.59). while people failed to make use of the latest model of automobile due to old minds. So, brain was still…show more content…
A world with people who only think positively can be created and all human beings are jovial. Depression and happiness have genetic roots and after genetic modification by gene therapy or drugs, people will be happier even when they suffer from traffic accidents (Kaku, 2012: p.162). Genetic modification on personality will be skeptical in accordance with separation species of human beings (Mathews, 2015). However, it is one of the possible cure for desperation.
Sustain the future 100 years will be one of the future meaning for human beings. To safeguard recourses in a good shape as well as human connections, one of the means is by technology (Wright, 2010). AI robots can create ever-smarter generations which surpass human intelligence in a short period while human will have lost as they are unfit for the future world (Kaku, 2012:110, 115-116) However, there are uncertainties. Marvin Minsky mentioned that superhuman intelligence will exist in the future, but there is no precise date (Kaku, 2012:

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