Mismatched Lovers In Erich Segal's Love Story

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The story of mismatched lovers in Erich Segal’s Love Story
“Love means not ever having to say you’re sorry”- Jennifer Cavilleri, Love Story
The novel Love Story has been written by the American writer, Erich Segal. It was published in the year 1970 on the fourteenth of February; Valentine’s Day. Erich Segal was born in the year 1937. He is a proud alumnus of Harvard University where the plot of his novel starts. Since he has attended the college himself, the story and the setting become more believable for the reader.
The novel is the classic tale of the forbidden love between two people who belong to different sections of the society. The two lovers come from completely different classes. The male protagonist of the novel Oliver
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It is a simple line emphasising the simplicity of love. It is only as complicated as we make it. The love that people share is easy.
If someone loves you, you don’t need apologies, you just simply need them. The more you complicate it, the more difficult it is to love and fall in love. One should not over think when it comes to loving someone. It was easy for the two of them to fall in love. They just allowed love to play its course and over time it happened.
One of the major themes of the novel is growing in love. Once you fall in love, it’s important to grow in it. They did not get a chance to grow old together but they grew up from college students to responsible adults.
Oliver changed from a jock to a caring husband and Jenny from a care-free girl to a dotting wife. They developed as individuals. If they had not grown up, they wouldn’t have handled Jenny’s sickness with maturity. Their relationship would have been broken. But they fought against all the odds. They are innocent but they are not childish. They showcase their maturity by handling all of the tough situations that they faced
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