Disneyfication In Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

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Disneyfication is a term that refers to the transformation of a society to resemble the Walt Disney Corporation movies and theme parks. Disneyfied societies are superficial, fantastical, and heavily romanticized, filled with bright colors and happy endings. The whole society is overly sunny and cute, where people have big, babydoll eyes and impossible waistlines and sing about everything. Disneyfication is a fairly dangerous thing, that perpetuates the idea that boys are superheroes and girls are princesses, and that the girls need to have the boy swoop in and save them. While most societies are racist, sexist, and heteronormative, Disneyfied societies tend to completely ignore the fact that these problems exist within them, and therefore perpetuate them.
Disney has become far less racist since the time of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but Disneyfied societies still hold onto these prejudiced tendencies. There
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Disneyfication is based upon the ideals of the Walt Disney Corporation that were presented in the time leading up to the Renaissance of the late 1980s. These films all present women as damsels in distress left waiting for a man to come save them. Even movies that are not about Princesses, like The Aristocats, perpetuate this idea within their plots, and it is about cats. Disneyfied communities expect women to emulate Snow White and Cinderella, to be quiet and docile, and to work hard only in the house while the men do all of the real work. Even when Disney began to feature strong women who could kind of save themselves, like Jasmine, Esmeralda, and Megara, Disneyfied societies clung onto the misogynistic ideals of the past. Disneyfication perpetuates sexism and the idea that females are the weaker sex, while Disney continues to move forward with strong female characters, like Nani from Lilo and Stitch, and Tiana from The Princess and the
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