Misogynistic Advertising Essay

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Introduction It’s a topic that’s consistently been debated, and we’re left wondering why there continues to be an abundance of over-sexualized, sexist and misogynistic advertisements in magazines, commercials, and even in the hospitality industry. Shallowness and objectification seems to be the antithesis of American culture. A place that consciously promotes sexist and misogynistic advertisements should not be the same place where one can pursue “the American Dream.” We live in an age where shallowness is revered, where beauty is unfortunately skin deep, will we ever truly see what “girls our age” look like? Beauty marks, dimples, stretch marks and all? Question I In today’s culture, I am identified as a millennial of Hispanic decent, as well a full-time student while trying out to figure a purpose of my own despite America’s stereotypical expectations. Growing up with the notion that young Hispanic women were just another high school drop or increasing the statistics of teen pregnancy, was an unpleasant reminder of my race. As I grew older the scrutiny was not over, Hispanic women are being over sexualized for their hips, breast, and curvaceous bodies, we were becoming the modern-day sex symbol. Not only we are tied to being baby bearing objects but we are all categorized as…show more content…
It is disheartening to see how woman are degraded not only in my department but in countless others. Depressing to admit but sex sells, men/women are more incline to use our serviced based off what is appealing to them. Our sex appeal is what funds our income, without an aesthetically pleasing visual there is business. For instance, Daniel Hamermesh an economics professor at the University of Texas in Austin, found that attractive people are likely to earn an average of 3% to 4% more than a person with below-average looks. That adds up to $230,000 more over a lifetime for the typical good-looking person (Wahl,

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