Effects Of Misogyny On Women

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How Internalized Misogyny Affects Women in the 21st Century Internalized misogyny is the phrase that describes the phenomenon which occurs due to the institutional pervasiveness of sexism towards women in society. Misogyny within society leads to the internalization of misogyny where women are then affected by it and direct it towards themselves and other women (Bearman et al.). In the 21st century, internalized misogyny affects women in multiple ways, including seeing other women as competition, women demeaning themselves and their achievements, and the further objectification of women. Internalized oppression is a result of cultural violence because it contributes to “the subordination of oppressed groups.” Despite the current era of feminism …show more content…

This is seen often in attempts to not seem arrogant or too full of themselves, or even too assertive. In a study conducted by Bearman, Korobov, and Thorne, this took form in assertions of incompetence and general ignorance claims (19). Young college aged women frequently used the phrase “I don’t know” interjected into sentences or blamed their desired outcome not happening on themselves, often stating helplessness or powerlessness to change situations. Since sexism disempowers women, women will then internalize the powerlessness and believe they are incompetent, especially in male dominated STEM fields. In the study, the usage of “I don’t know” was often said when there was nothing to be ignorant of, and was often used a filler in conversation. However, the frequent usage of the phrase resulted in portraying an overall ignorance of the speaker. The internalization of sexism also plays in on a personal level—ie one that is not absorbed by consuming media but is inflicted by friends or family or partners. In some families where there were brothers and sisters, women felt devalued when their brother got more attention or that their brother was treated better, such as given more opportunities or allowed to do things with parents (Atwood). In Nancy Atwood’s study, some of these women felt burdened by having to take care of their parents or do duties that weren’t required of …show more content…

These effects include competing with other women, demeaning and discrediting themselves, and the further objectification of women within society. The implications of internalized misogyny in the 21st century are varied and can be harmful to society without being confronted because of how they contribute to present oppressive structures. As a result, the current wave of feminism has spread more awareness about these behaviors and how to deal with them (Ferguson) including building solidarity amongst women (David

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