Misogyny In Macbeth

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The play Macbeth was written by Shakespeare for King James. A considerable amounts of the play is inspired by King James and his interests, mainly to throw shade at him. Macbeth was also inspired by real historical people.

Shakespeare took inspiration from historical events to create the character Macbeth. The real Macbeth was born to a ruling family in Scotland, during the rule of Duncan. King Duncan was murdered when he was 38, possibly by Macbeth. After Duncans death, Macbeth became king in 1040 and was killed in 1057.

Witches have a relatively large role in the play and are one of the major themes. They give Macbeth some of his motivation and start him on the path to the throne. One of the reasons there were witches in the play is the majority of people believed in witches and there were stories about witches everywhere.
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Misogyny is shown through Macbeths wife and the witches. Macbeths wife is one of the main causes in him going on a murdering spree and is portrayed as evil. The witches were all women and witches were evil. The theme of greed is shown through Macbeth. It isn’t enough for him to become the thane of Cawdor, he also has to become king even if it means killing everyone in his
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