Misogyny In Shakespeare's Taming Of The Shrew

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Love is the most powerful emotion, making it the most dangerous. Taming of the shrew written by William Shakespeare in the late 16th Century, has had many different adaptations two of which are: The 1967 version of Taming of the shrew directed by Franco Zeffirelli and the cult classic 1999 version 10 things I hate about you both of which shine and interesting light on the play is it an act of misogyny or an act of a man liberating a woman from society. I believe that it is an act of misogyny and will be discussing this in the following presentation through the comparison of both films. In Franco Zefferelli’s version of Taming of the shrew there were many characters, but as for the difference in time periods there are only few that I would resonate with, for that reason I chose the character Bianca, as in Taming of the shrew (1967) she is very stuck up and obnoxious, sure she wants to marry, but it 's because of her constant complaining that gives me this opinion. Her 10 things I hate about you counterpart is also unbearable and complains more than her 1967 character and she is always getting angry or whiney if it means trying to be normal. Petruchio in Franco Zefferelli’s version is very dirty, the instant the audience hears him speak we are suggested that he is very shady and dirty, throughout the rest of the movie, the audience watches as he tries to so called “liberate” a woman when it is suggested that he is abusing and disciplining Katharina into a woman. The 1999, 10
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