Misogyny Quotes

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Misogyny remains a key feature in Mailer’s writings with the Naked and the dead being no exception, portraying women as little more than sexual objects to fulfil male desire, being placed at the bottom of gender structure. It was not uncommon for men to mistrust their wives while they were away fighting and Mailer presents this fear the men maintain through Brown as he explains what his actions would be if he found out his wife had been cheating on him, claiming to beat her and throw he out, viewing women as sexual objects which are disposable and yet it is the fear that the males possess of this occurring which leads them to respond like this, women maintain an unusual sense of power within a largely patriarchal society. Later, in the Chorus…show more content…
He achieves this by portraying the dehumanisation of the soldier’s referring to them as “machines”, just another number in the countries fight. This dehumanisation of the men also maintains the idea of an anthropomorphic nature, in being described as a “machines” Mailer is essentially taking away their humanity so they are little more than animals, maintaining a strong desire to be the alpha. Through first-hand experience, Mailer is showing the damaging nature of war between the camps as well as the enemy, and as a result presents a whole new concept of the isolation in which war causes. The theme of loneliness also reoccurs within the novel. Away from their family and friends at home, the soldiers are constantly lonely. The men in their ranks are of different social classes, races, and religions. Often, the men struggle finding commonalities between them. By the use of the “Time Machine” Mailer is portraying America as somewhere with strong social privilege and racial discrimination to further add to the fight amongst the men for ultimate masculinity. Mailer uses the “Time Machine” as a way of restoring some form
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