Misrepresentation In Harry Potter's Influence Of Creative Culture

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When one allows another person to tell their story, the potential for misrepresentation is enormous, and the same goes the other way. Why has it become so undesirable for most writers to write or tell their own story to make it authentically theirs? As a result of the monopolization of the creative arts sector by Western influence, the number of African creatives that are producing art that is relevant to their continent has diminished. It just so happens that when somebody else then decides to tell our narrative, it follows up with a social media backlash by the people of that culture accusing somebody else of cultural appropriation. The reason that our culture is being appropriated is that we have given it room to be done so. Many post colonials tend to have an inferiority complex as a result of colonization and so because of this, our creative mindsets are directly aligned to create something that goes against who we are as we believe that we are inferior; why would an artist produce an inferior piece of work? And so because of this, we tend to whitewash our works, give them distinctly Eurocentric characteristics and location because well, “no one will read our work because it’s about black or African people.” I used to have this problem about two years ago. I was working on what I believed would be my first novel, highly influenced by Harry Potter, almost none of it could be traced back to me at all – in fact, if I were anybody else, I would never have believed a

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