Misrepresentation Of Native Americans

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Adam Sorenson
Prof. Riggs
COMP 01112
Misrepresentation of Native Americans Native American’s for many years now have been viewed as lone warriors or squaw, some people don’t even know that they still exist! People just think of the Native American people in storybook tales and nothing more then that. The Native Americans have been living in the United States for awhile now and were the first ones on the country’s soil. They were here way before Christopher Columbus and the other European Colonists even discovered America and they are still present in the U.S. They were the country 's foundation before the 18th century. However, the media plays a major role in the misrepresentation of the Native Americans and refuses to reveal the hidden truth about them and their culture. Native Americans are seen as “savage people” and always have been since the first settlers arrived to America. This is not how all Natives are but that 's how the TV and media have shown them. The media today consists of a huge diversity of different things. This is because the United States is known as the melting pot country and today 's society doesn 't understand the real history of the Native American people. They are easily one of the top most underrepresented cultures and people in the media in today’s world. This is why there are stereotypes of them throughout the media. Native Americans are stereotyped in many ways such as in movies, tv shows, books, etc. They are also stereotyped in
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