Historical Misrepresentations In The Patriot

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The Patriot portrays a very historically inaccurate representation of the events, characters and context during the time of the Revolutionary War. The Patriot provides numerous examples of historical misrepresentations from inaccurate portrayals of character such as Benjamin Martin to slavery appearing to be something pleasant and acceptable. Throughout The Patriot a clear misconception is made in which it appears that slavery is really not such a bad thing and it is almost portrayed to the viewers as non-existent. The false pretences in which slavery is shown compare nothing to what slaves actually experienced during this time. The blacks are seen as more of paid servants and treated with respect by many people. One of Martin’s slaves in named Abigail and she possess a very unique role during this time consisting of her playing a mother-like role to his children, since the passing of their own mother, as well as a housekeeper. Ultimately, the lifestyle of a black slave during the Revolutionary War in this movie is severely underestimated and taken very lightly in contrast to the realities and horrors slaves really faced in their daily life struggles. Another slave inaccuracy…show more content…
In the Revolutionary War the French played a big part in America's success. As shown in The Patriot there is only one French man that helps the entire continental army until the final battle in yorktown which ends the war by forcing the british to surrender. The French were greatly motivated to support America in the war because they had lost numerous amounts of their territories to the British in the French and Indian War. While the French fleet did block off the British from the sea, their role in this movie is twisted due to the lack of support shown on their account. France was america's greatest supporter and the inaccuracy in The Patriot did not display that at
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