Miss Alice Park Insurance Case Study

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Miss Alice Park, in the article in the Times Magazine, describes the inequality between the medical field, insurance companies, and their patients. More and more people cannot afford medical attention, either due to bills piling up, or insurance declination. Cancer is a major issue globally, yet people are not getting treated due to insurance declination. The issue is, the medical field is always advancing their practices, leaving insurance companies to play catch up. Doctors have the medicine to help cancer patients, but are unable to distribute them, for the patients not being able to afford them. For example, Glioblastoma can roughly cost a patient between 1000-8000 dollars for the treatment.
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Who a year and a half earlier was in a car accident, and had to go through six weeks of intensive care. Both went to the doctors, and started going through the tough steps of cancer treatment. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. At the end of treatment both women still had the disease.
Miss Anselomo was then checked for any of the few hundred mutations approved by insurance companies for doctors run trials on. Miss Anselomo was one of a few patients who was covered by her insurance company to undergo an experimental procedure, that could potentially save her life. Miss Stiefel was not given the same option. Her insurance company was not allowing it. Doctor’s cannot say that the testing Miss Anselomo is going through is normal, but both doctors, and insurance companies can agree that if this testing goes well, it could very well be the next step in understanding cancer.
All in all the article, “The Cancer Gap No two cancers are alike. But what will it take to give every patient equal care,” issued in the Times Magazine was a good article, and Miss Park used excellent evidence to make her point. Miss Park, stated that in the medical field, insurance companies are preventing patients from getting the best care possible. Preventing cancer patients like, Miss Marcia Stiefel, or Miss MaryAnn Anselomo from getting treatment that will cure

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