Eulogy For Emily

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1. The dominant atmosphere of the story is sad, depressing and isolation. It is established right from the beginning of the story where the story starts with, “when Miss Emily Grierson died.” This statement gives an idea that the story will surely have tragic events. It prepares for the story’s conclusion that the events of the story will lead to Miss Emily’s death. 2. The narrator is a person from the town or collective townspeople because the narrator uses the first-person voice. His relationship to the story is very close as he describes Miss Emily’s important events of her life. The story follows as the townspeople describe the events. For instance, the reader does not know about the dead body in her house until the townspeople go to that room. The narrator deliberately rearranges the chronology of the story’s events to give the information at the situation where the information pertaining to it will have the greatest influence. This technique heightens and reinforces the atmosphere by allowing the reader to anticipate and be curious of what will happen next or to draw a conclusion. For example, on page 440 it says, “so the next day we all said, ‘she will kill herself.’ The narrator mentions this statement when Miss Emily buys the poison. This makes the reader to ponder if Miss Emily died by the poison. 3. Miss…show more content…
The narrator describes all the shades of character of Miss Emily. She had diverse characteristics. She is dear and inescapable as townspeople talked about her and wanted to know what she will do next. She is impervious and tranquil because she lived by herself in isolation thus she was away from material world. For example, she did not have to pay taxes or any bills. She can live in her own small world. In addition, she is perverse because she thinks her own small world is a reality and does not want to face the real world. For instance, she did not allow the mailbox and metal numbers to be attached to her door. Additionally, she never paid
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