Miss Emily And Mrs. Mallard: Literary Analysis

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The four stories we have discussed have had to do with females finding themselves in a male dominated world. The leading women learn that they will have to go outside their stereotypical boundaries and face the world. Miss Emily and Mrs. Mallard both deal with the death of a loved one while Antigone and Nora both deal with defying a male figure. By defying society's views, the four find their true selves. Miss Emily has to deal with the battle of the Old South and the New South. She grew up in the Older times with her elder father whom took care of her. Emily’s father passes away leaving her to fend for herself, and the choice of sticking to her father’s values or upgrade to newer traditions. She already defies the south's stereotypical views by living by herself, but she goes a step farther when she gets in a relationship with a northerner, Homer Baron. Miss Emily finds her true self by rebelling against her father and taking care of herself. She also shows she is very unstable when she murders Homer. In the end, Miss Emily shows she can take care of herself but she does it in a very…show more content…
She is asked to not bury her deceased brother and by not doing this he will not proceed onto the afterlife, burial was a ticket to life after death. This statement is made by King Creon, who thought her brother was a trader. In the time of Antigone defying the king or a man’s orders would lead to a painful death. When she chooses to bury or not bury her brother, she is choosing what kind of person she will turn out to be in the end. It is a story of Antigone finding the person she will become. She chooses good, and this shows the person she has became. Also she chose the right decision even with the fear of being put to death by King Creon. By the end of the story, Antigone shows her true self by displaying integrity, love, and strong willfulness. She also got to escape death with the help of the blind prophet
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