Emma And Mrs Weston Character Analysis

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Emma and Mrs. Weston Despite Mrs. Weston supposed position as a surrogate mother, her “mildness of temper had hardly allowed her to impose any restraint” (3). In fact, Mrs. Weston was “peculiarly interested, in every pleasure, every scheme of her’s;—one to whom she could speak every thought as it arose, and who had such an affection for her as could never find fault” (4). Thus, Mrs. Weston does not threaten Emma’s authority at Heartfield. Furthermore, her adoration of Emma enhances her sense of entitlement. In spite of, their shared “intimacy of sisters” (3), a strong, mutually attached relationship, quite evident in Emma’s grief over the loss of Mrs. Weston’s constant companion “The want of Miss Taylor would be felt every hour of every day” (4); while contemplating and comparing her relationship with Mrs. Weston to her new acquaintance with Harriet, Emma reaches the conclusion: “Two such could never be granted. Two such she did not want” (24). Hence, Emma proclaims she does not want a relationship with a similar nature to her relationship with Mrs. Weston, whom she…show more content…
OK, it gives her a sense of control in a world full of chaos.” This further illustrated Emma’s urge to control the people around her, noted by the filmmakers. Additionally, Cher assumes a similar position of “patroness”, proclaiming that she has already started to elevate Tai’s social status "due to fact that you hang with Dionne and I." She goes so far as declaring “Her life will be better because of me." (Heckerling). For this reason, it is quite evident, Cher, does not simply support Tai out of the goodness of her heart, but to validate her self-importance. Similar to the nature of Emma and Harriet’s
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