Miss Evers Boys Film Analysis

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The film “Miss Evers’ Boys,” based on a true story, talks about an experiment done on African American men. At first the men were to be treated for syphilis, however there were too many men infected with syphilis. They quickly ran out of money and had to find someone to sponsor them in order to treat the men. When Dr. Brodus and Dr. Douglas went to Washington, the sponsors told them that the only way they would give them the money was if they did an experiment on them. In the experiment they would only make them believe they are treating them, when in reality they aren’t. This experiment would prove scientifically that both blacks and whites are affected by syphilis the same way. It’s debatable if the experiment done was humane or not, however many would agree that it most certainly was not humane.…show more content…
Based on these believes Buddha would determine if the experiment was human and if the doctors and nurses did the correct thing. The first rule that was broken was right speech, which states no lies, which occurred when the doctors and Miss Evers deprived all of those men from the right to know that they were not being treated. The second rule broken was right action, which means no killing, as a result of not giving the men treatment all of the men ended up dying except for two. Finally, right profession was broken, right profession states, no work which brings harm to other humans or animals in whole or in part. Both Miss Evers and the doctors harmed all of the men they were experimenting on by not treating
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