Miss Havisham Character Analysis

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Great expectations is one of the best books that I have read and today in this essay we will be analysing a character and describing her traits, and this character is miss havisham that is in great expectations, I am going to talk in depth about the traits and the strengths that miss havisham has and the weaknesses. Miss Havisham is an important character in the book. Without her, Pip never would have been able to get his apprenticeship, he never would have met Estella, and he never would have wanted to become a gentleman in the first place, because he wouldn’t see anything wrong with himself. Miss Havisham feels only hate towards men, and she wanted them all to suffer the way she suffered on her wedding day; the day she has never recovered from. On her wedding day, her fiancé never showed up, leaving her with just a letter. Since the time she received the note, the clocks have been stopped; her house is dark; the wedding table is still set; and Miss Havisham stays dressed in her gown. Miss Havisham is an older woman who lives with her adopted daughter, Estella. She is raising Estella to be a heart-breaker; Pip was her first test subject. She asked Mr. Pumblechook for a favor- she wants someone for Estella to play with- and he volunteers Pip. She sees…show more content…
She is a wealthy spinster,who lives with estella, while she herself is described as looking like "the witch of the place". Miss Havisham is a contradictory character in literature and in the context of her time. Unlike most unmarried women of the era, her wealth gives her tremendous power, which she uses to coax others to do her bidding and to advance her aims, yet she allows her disappointment at being stood up at the altar to ruin her life. She lays waste to her estate, symbolic of herself, and tries to spread her cynicism and malaise to everyone she touches. Taught her entire life to despise men and break
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