Miss Havisham Research Paper

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The jolly fairy tale of Romeo and Juliet’s love is not always the case of every love story as in Great Expectations. Throughout the entire book we read upon many cases in which love is unsuccessful. We come across the miserable love story of the shattered Miss Havisham. Also the heart breaker Estella, in which she is not able to give the anticipated love story that the reader awaited on. The main character Pip, seems to be out of luck in love and could not be able to conquer the love target in his eyes. In Great Expectations , Charles Dickens explores on how love is not always fortunate to have the merry ending that is envisioned. Miss Havisham a wealthy, sloppy, and creepy lady who lives in Satis House has suffered dramatically from love once in her life. As she waited to be married in her early ages, to proceed to live the happy love ending in her life but as we read this did not occur for Miss Havisham. Unfortunately, at ten before nine of her wedding day her future husband did not show up to the marriage, this ruined the rest of her life. “ Do you know what I feel here? Yes ma’am your heart. ‘ ‘ Broken!” (60) As this text states Miss Havisham has not recovered from her feelings even though many years have passed since the wedding day. Nobody expects that a wealthy lady could not have love never in her life. Miss Havisham does not believe in love so she does not trust any man and would not…show more content…
The novel is suspenseful to not knowing what is there to come. In the story many characters fell in love in which the did not have the joyful ending of love. Even though, at the end of the story, Charles Dickens, puts Pip and Estella holding hands that was no merry ending that the reader was anticipating since the start of the book. Charles Dickens, decides not to incorporate the Disneyland ending to show that not everything has a merry
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