Miss Hilly In Kathryn Stockett's The Help

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The villain in Kathryn Stockett’s work, The Help, is Miss Hilly Holbrook. What makes Miss Hilly a villain is that she is controlling and manipulative to everyone, she also does not like the idea of integration, and the last thing that makes Miss Hilly a villain is she is very rude to those around her. Miss Hilly Holbrook is villainous because she controls and manipulates not only her “friends” but also her help and strangers in order to get what she wants. In chapter twenty one Miss Hilly says, “I want that initiative in the newsletter before election time…or I'm calling upstairs, missy” (Stockett, 330). In this particular part of the book Miss Hilly is trying to get Skeeter to put her bathroom initiative in the monthly league newsletter by threatening to call the people in charge of the whole league organization and get her fired. In chapter two Minny, a black maid, calls Aibileen, another black maid, to tell her what has happened: “Say Miss Hilly told…show more content…
In the beginning of the book Miss Hilly is able to convince Miss Leefolt, Aibileen’s employer, to build a separate bathroom for Aibileen to use. “She's upset because the Nigra uses the guest bathroom and so do we... Elizabeth, if you had the choice wouldn't you rather them take their business outside” (Stockett, 9). Miss Hilly refuses to use the same bathroom as Aibileen so instead of getting over the fact that Aibileen uses the guest bathroom she instead convinces Miss Leefolt that the best course of action is to build her her own bathroom outside. Miss Hilly also says, “But Aibileen colored people and white people are just so…different” (Stockett, 218). This comment is in response to something Aibileen said about colored people and white people going to the same school and using the same facilities. Miss Hilly's attitude about integration and change in her community is not a positive
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