Miss Hilly In The Help

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(Watson) In the novel “The Help” Miss Hilly is the leader of the “Women’s League”. Hilly is mean to Mrs. Celia because she’s married to her ex-boyfriend/husband. Hilly is also a good mother, she treats her kids very well. Hilly loves to eat Minny’s pies, she really enjoys them. Hilly is mainly mean to people that does mean things to her or threatens her. For instance hilly fired Minny because, it was raining that day and she usually goes to the outside house and uses the restroom, so Hilly mother tells her to just go in the house but Hilly doesn’t want that because she’s black. Minny refuses to go inside the house because she knows that Hilly doesn’t like for black people to sit on the toilet that they use. Minny leaves and goes into the back, but she actually goes to the restroom; Hilly finds out and fires her. Pies Pies Pies….. That was Hilly favorite dessert to eat, but not just anyone’s pie “Minny’s Pies”. She ate them till they were almost gone; all the way down to the end. She made Minny so mad by firing her, so she just had to get her back. So she just watched Hilly eat the pie till she ate so much of it. Hilly’s mother wanted some but Minny didn’t want her to have any because it was ALL for Hilly. Hilly got…show more content…
Hilly is the best mother in the “Women’s League”. When her kids need her she’s there, hand and foot. Hilly gives her daughter compliments back to back; like “you’re beautiful”. And Hilly’s always kissing little Will on the forehead. These are her ways of showing her kids that she loves them. She appreciates her kids and adore them and I’m sure they feel the same way about their mother. Most of the other mothers don’t even pay attention to their kids/child, but they’re quick to give them to the maids. Hilly is always putting her kids first no matter what. Even though she is so cruel to everyone else, she will never disrespect her kids. Her kids are her first priority and that’s how it should
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