Miss Julie Character Analysis

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The notion of sexuality has consistently been a controversial and shameful subject matter in literature and to a larger extent, in our culture. There seems to be no celebration of female sexual agency however a woman chooses to carry herself: in austerity or in lust. Women who are virgins are condemned for being stubborn and unpleasant while women who are not virgins are shamed for being promiscuous and “spoiled”. Due to these expectations and designations being established over periods of time, any display of either would be socially humiliating and disgraceful. There appears to be a very thin veil defining a woman in her sexuality. August Strindberg plays up on this theme of sexuality in his naturalist playwright, Miss Julie, a narrative on two characters’ switch in social class. Each character specifically embodies a certain sexual morality. Strindberg attempts to portray a new, modern sexual morality for women and in the process of doing so, reintroduces sex in its naturalistic purpose: a shameless activity, one that fulfills our natural, instinctive desires. In the attempts to disclose this new modern view on sexual morality, he isolates the consequences of this concept upon the traditionalist mindsets surrounding the time period in his play.

The New Woman was the feminist idealization of a woman living in the late 19th- century who was both educated and independent. This independence transcended their physical activities to their mental mindsets, including being able
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