Miss Kindergarten America Satire Analysis

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MKA Satirical Technique Essay

“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them” (Dr. Seuss, 1997). Children have some redeemable aspects that should remain for the rest of our lives since infants are innocent, joyful and mostly untroubled by grown-up issues. In Carol Schacter’s satire “Miss Kindergarten America” she is ridiculing the current media, appearance or self-image and parental pressure.

After the invention of the World Wide Web in 1990, the media and advertising companies have exploded using this technology to their advantage and to manipulate people. “We don't often think about how profoundly the mass media influences the lies we tell ourselves. On television, in movies, and in advertisements, we are fed information about who we should be in our culture” (Warren, 2014). In the satire, Miss
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In the satire written Carol by Schacter’s in 1984, the little girl is a beauty contestant worried by her parents’ acceptance. “She had won the title and next year, Mommy promised, she could enter the preliminaries for the Miss Pre-Sub-Teen America pageant. Oh, Mommy was so happy!” This quote shows the motives for which the protagonist is desiring to become a champion of several beauty contests. Parents serve as role models to their children through examples they demonstrate in their families and outside their household. They are usually subjects of admiration and emulation. Kids frequently desire to become like their parents and are determined to satisfy them and make them proud. At one point in Schacter’s satire, the mom of the main character said, “the child is five and it's about time she thought about her shape.” The author is using incongruence, because that kind of parental pressure is not appropriate for a five-year-old. It is essential for a parent to prove that his son can decide anything he wants for his life.This way, the child will grow, reinforce his self-esteem and become
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