Miss Helen In The Mecca

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Through the eyes of an artist creating art is to go on a journey of self-discovery, which can be deeply personal and or spiritual. The ‘Mecca’ that is spoken of in this play represents the revelation of Miss Helen’s spiritual goal and personal fulfillment through rough challenges she had to face and the courage she needed to have to continue on her path to freedom. Through creativity and exploration she can achieve the freedom that was long desired by Miss Helen.
Miss Helen is spiritually comforted by her artistic expression rather than her religion. Miss Helen devoted her life to her faith, “which brought her to church every Sunday” until one day she confessed to Dominee Marius that it was all a big lie. Throughout her childhood years and years being married to Stefanus she always felt trapped in the village, being forced to be the same as all the other village women. Miss Helen was scared her husband’s death would leave her alone in her own prison of emptiness. However, she experienced a force so strong within her deepest soul it could not be ignored, a revelation when the Dominee lit the candle after Stefanus’s funeral. The light of the candle gave her the assurance that her life can actually be filled with light if only she breaks away from the binds of her oppressive false faith, and only
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Miss Helen has a slight different perspective of her “Road to Mecca”, her journey is one of spiritual kind. Her “Road to Mecca” is made of cement and glass materials which are arranged all over her yard, bright and lifeless figures such as owls, wise men and camels, other bird and mermaids, which all represents something more than just sculptures to Helen, they symbolized the conflicts she experienced in her environment and her desire for new found freedom, and the celebration of
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