Miss Michele: My Hero

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A hero will commonly act as a person with super powers of telekinesis or the ability to talk to animals. A hero may also be portrayed as a star. I portray heroes otherwise. Heroes might be the people who show up as exceptionally admirable and outgoing towards others. They love to serve their community and inspire others. A hero acts as a person of influence who will lend a hand and let others live life to the fullest. That why Miss Michele exists in my mind as my hero.

I’ve known Miss Michele and have admired her since I joined her music classes. I had known her by chance; she and my mom continue to coexist as friends. Miss Michele assisted me explore what my passion in life continues to exist as: music. I met new people as a little girl and let my talents shine thanks to her. She would always be there if I felt upset. Miss Michele knew me inside and out, and if the two of us had a chance to catch up, I think she still would.

Miss Michele does whatever she can to aid her community, whether it be Music Together, her kids’ (former) high school, or even just her friends and family. Miss
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Mallory played Augustus and Lindsay played a grandma. There were five golden tickets underneath five seats. The golden tickets meant a free chocolate bar. I felt distraught that I didn’t acquire one. The group I arrived with consisted of my mom and my trusty friend, Julia. Miss Michele came up to Julia and I during intermission, gave us both golden tickets, and gave us a backstage tour. Why this show? I have no idea. I understand that this memory shows why she continues to show up as my hero. She cheered Julia and I up, along with letting Julia and I glimpse behind the scenes. The ironic side: Berlin obtained an acting program and we’re doing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Jr. (I received the role of
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