Miss Peregrine's Home For Buried Children Literary Analysis

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In the book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, a character named Jacob goes through many dangerous adventures after the death of his grandfather in order to discover interesting secrets. The book, which is a fantasy, focused on the horrifying experience a teenager encountered after the death of his grandfather. While he believes his life at home is all there is, Jacob soon finds out that there is a whole new world waiting to be discovered. This breathtaking novel contains descriptive foreshadowing, a well-developed protagonist, as well as many distinct tones.
To begin with, Riggs uses foreshadowing to captivate his reader by creating tension. For example, Jacob narrates, “Then, a few years later, when I was fifteen, an extraordinary and terrible thing happened, and there was only Before and After” (22). This demonstrates foreshadowing by giving the reader a hint about a future event. Also, it creates suspense, causing the reader to continue reading in order to find out what happens next. Furthermore, as Jacob walks
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For example, Jacob narrates, “Morning brought rain and wind and fog, pessimistic weather that made it hard to believe the previous day had been anything more than a strange and wonderful dream” (183). This demonstrates the tone as depressing since the weather is gloomy and bleak. The author meant for the description of the weather to be dreary as to establish a depressing tone. Furthermore, Jacob mentions, “A sick feeling came over me, and I wondered how close my father had come to something far worse than a fistfight” (277). This shows that the tone is meant to be tense since it creates suspense in the reader. Also, this quote shows that Jacob is extremely fearful and anxious regarding his father’s encounter which leads to the conclusion that the tone is meant to be tense. To sum up, there are many different tones in the story that make it interesting to
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