Miss Peregrine's Home For Isolated Children Analysis

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Would you be heartbroken if a member of your loving family suddenly died right in front of you due to things that didn 't understand? What about if you repeated the same day over and over and over again until the end of time? The same people every day until you die, on a small island that nobody’s ever heard of. But don’t forget that if you try to leave, you turn into a wrinkly old person that ages years in minutes?
Could you handle all this? This happened to Jacob. He was stacking toilet paper one day and fighting hollowgasts the next. Good afternoon 8C, as you know, I will talk about the themes in Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children and how it compares to our world. I will be covering overcoming fear and isolation. The theme of overcoming
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From when he first arrives to the loop and when he left, he knew that a decision had to be made. He had to choose between a normal life and a peculiar one. He would have to leave behind his high school life, his friends and his family. If he had gone back to America he would have to be cautious and secretive all the time, but if he stays on the island, he would be isolated without technology, without communication with 2016, which brings us to the next point. Jacob would also be isolated in time. In Miss Peregrine letter, we see that she has written “as for life on the island, little has changed” because she explained that if anyone tries to leave they would age years in a couple of hours, just like the apple that turned to a (as Jacob said) leathery thing the size of a golf ball after being taken out of the loop. There is nowhere to go. Even the world they lived in didn’t want them.
Miss Peregrine explains this as “There was a time when we could mix openly with common folk, but the larger world turned against us a long time ago. This kind of represents how teenagers are now-a-days. They are isolating themselves from friends and family with technology and social media. They don 't go outside to play and travel, they stay at home all day with their
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