Essay On Miss Representation

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The documentary Miss Representation perfectly mirrors my thoughts and opinions regarding the inaccurate representation of women in the media and under-representation of women in influential positions. It was evident to me through my analysis of the documentary and my observations of the portrayal of women in the media that money is the contributing factor of not only the success of women in this country, but it is also our downfall. Money has prevented us from breaking down the barriers between women and the rest of society which has led to the media stereotyping women and undermining our abilities. Men aren’t subjected to the same criticism that women are in the workplace, films, television, social media, and their homes. Men have the power and respect in society and it seems that power derives from money. For example, unequal pay for women is a significant factor that has prevented us from…show more content…
Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the writer, director, and producer of Miss Representation, is proof that change comes in all shapes and sizes. Miss Representation has undeniably changed my perspective on the media and the considerable responsibility each individual holds in regards to influencing the perception of women. Her film will inspire me to be more cognizant of how my actions, words, and social media posts can contribute to the objectification of women and empowerment of women. Her film will lead me to take control of not only my social media posts, but the posts I like or retweet by ensuring each post reflects how I want women to be portrayed. Her film will motivate me to represent and support women in positions of leadership and authority. Her film should inspire all of us to address the misrepresentation of women and most importantly, inspire us to take action towards change derived from empathy and compassion for ourselves and all of
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