Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor

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A. In this passage, Miss Sadie talks about death to Abilene as she is working in Miss Sadie's garden at Miss Sadie's Divining Parlor. They are speaking because Abilene wants to know more about her dad and she is working in Miss Sadie's garden.

B. People realize more things when somebody dies. It brings back old memories. It makes them realize how much they cared for that person. It makes them realize how much they loved them.

C. The author's purpose for this quote was to foreshadow Abilene finding out that Ned died and how after Ned's death, Jinx thought that it was all his fault. This quote relates to the message because Gideon would have not been so defeated in Ned had not died. He wouldn't think everything was his fault. He would not call himself Jinx. This quote is important because it shows how much Ned's death affected Gideon. It also shows us that death is sad, but it also shines light. A light full of memories and discovery.
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When my great grandma died I was very sad, but her death brought out all the memories me and my family had with her. Opening Christmas presents, celebrating her 100th birthday, and visiting her at her home. Those were all such great memories. It made me sad to think she was gone, but she made me appreciate the more time I have with my family. Time is
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