Miss Strangeworth Character Analysis Essay

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Miss Strangeworth, a kind old lady in a small town where everybody knows each other.Living all by herself, known for her attracting roses in front of her house.Turns out she isn’t the lady everybody had in their mind, she was more than just an old lady.She is a bully, hurting other people by sending letters anonymously. Miss Strangeworth hurt other people with her colored paper letter that she sent all around town.”Didn’t you ever see an idiot child before? Some people shouldn’t have children, should they?” (Jackson 3). This is an example of one of Miss Strangeworth’s letters written for Helen Crane, a mother with a six month child that cannot walk yet.She is mocking the fact that the girl can’t walk yet at her age.”After thinking for a minute, although she had been phrasing the letter in the back of her head all the way home.” (Jackson 3). This shows that she does this on the daily and actually puts thought into what she’s going to write. We can see through these examples of her letters they are rude and an act of bullying. The fact that she does this anonymously makes the situation even worse.”They don’t have to own their behavior by acknowledging it within the full context of who they “really” are.”(Suler 1). Here we can see when you are anonymous, people can hide their true self …show more content…

You can tell Miss Strangeworth enjoys this, it looks like it’s more of a habit, a habit she really enjoys, a habit that fulfills her needs.”People are much more willing to speak out or misbehave”(Suler 2). The following is true, Miss Strangeworth while anonymous says everything in her mind mainly rude things but in person she doesn’t really say much.Though, she says this is for the town's greater good she doesn’t realize what she’s causing but enjoys what she

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