Adela Strangeworth Paragraph

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Section1 P1-P2 Paragraphs 1-23 Summary: Miss Adela Strangeworth, a seemly kind woman, was almost the oldest resident who lived in this town longer than anyone else. She had a precious garden which was full of roses, and she cherished them extremely. Miss Strangeworth was narrated as she went through her normal Tuesday routine stopping to chat with the other locals in the street pleasantly. When she entered into the grocery, everyone greeted her and talked with her politely. She told Mr. Lewis what she wanted and communicated with Mrs. Harper. After that, she met the Cranes and smiled down on Crane baby as soon as she came out of the store. Important quotations: 1. “…that she had never spent more than a day outside this town in all her long life.” (P.1 Par.2) -We can know that Miss Strangeworth almost lived in this unknown town through her whole life. That may lead her to think that the town belonged to her and the residents of it were her people. This sentence also shows that the town was extremely important to her and she treated this place as her property. What’s more, it may be a Hyperbole because as a person, she couldn’t always stay in one place forever. 2. “She sometimes found herself thinking that the town belonged to her.”(P.1 Par.2) -This quotation mentions that Miss Strangeworth thought she was the guardian of the town and this town was one of her belongings. There were some reasons for her to have these thoughts. She might think she was the oldest resident in
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