Miss Tewksbury's Narrative

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“It appears so,” Miss Tewksbury answered, unable once again to suppress a grin. She intentionally faced away from the boys in order to hide as much of her amusement as possible.

As if in answer to the discussion, another three deeply blushing boys quickly erected, bringing a robust round of laughter from the bleachers.

Unable to disguise her mirth, she allowed herself a good chuckle. After regaining her composure, she reminded all assembled that it was a natural and uncontrollable bodily reaction and there was no shame in it.

She picked up her train of thought as though there had been no interruption. “As I said, erections are normal and require testosterone to produce. They have done studies that indicate that such arousal increases
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The following day, the girls were even more anxious than the day before. Their first day was filled with doubt and anxiety about what might be. This day there was certainty. The excitement was about the possibilities. The seconds snailed past as they waited for the final bell.

At the boys’ end of the school, the boys were all anxious about the day’s practice, but for different reasons. The boys who were unfortunate enough to develop erections the previous day were all nervous that it would happen again. Those who were able to avoid it were similarly nervous that they would not be able to control themselves as well again. All of them hoped that they would be able to quickly go from the locker room to the water and spend the remainder of practice with their parts somewhat hidden under the water. Time spent during the day in class whizzed by at lightning speed as they dreaded the final
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Forty-five minutes later, they rotated once again.

Miss Tewksbury kept the team for another ten minutes at the end of practice, standing together. She gave the announcements and discussed practice schedules for the rest of the week. Most of the boys were covering themselves, either tentatively, as if expecting a rebuff, or blatantly. As was customary, the girls had all stepped into their flip-flops and pulled on their team robes, thereby making the difference between the naked boys and clothed girls even more stark.

The remainder of the week she said nothing to the boys. They covered themselves at every opportunity. Although they became slightly more comfortable during calisthenics and actual practice, they were still bashful when it came to their exposure.

On Friday afternoon, the girls filed into the locker room. They found the same poster sized note on their door and once again remained dressed in their school uniforms (dark blue slacks and white blouses) and filed out to the pool with their flip-flops. As the boys filed slowly out of the locker room, they covered themselves with their hands as had become the norm. They were all momentarily confused to see the girls fully
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