Miss Trefusis By Roald Dahl Summary

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Miss Trefusis an "impatient, intelligent, generous and interesting" (The Voyage Out, 83) person, Miss Trefusis was all these things yet the thing about her that stood out was that she was completely dotty. She was so dotty that she said Major Griffiths running outside naked was, "with a snort. ‘normal." (The Voyage Out, 37). On the other hand, you have David Coke. An overall exceptional guy who even though was set on the fact he would die in war "‘It’s absolutely hopeless," (First Encounter with a bandit, 43), was still brave enough to fight. Roald Dahl encounters Miss Trefusis and David Coke at different times and has different ideas on who they are as people. They were different, except for one thing, Roald had said this about Miss Trefusis. "I felt she would come to my rescue at any time" (The Voyage Out, 83) to Roald Miss Trefusis was dependable, he had told us how he believed she would rescue him. With David Coke, he showed us he was dependable "nobody else was about to take a beginner like me under his wing" (First Encounter with a Bandit, 79). Someone who is dependable is trustworthy and reliable. Both Miss Trefusis and David Coke share this in common. They told things as they were and would come to his rescue, in fact, David did rescue Roald 's. He taught him to survive the sky.
Roald Dahl meets an elderly woman on his trip to Africa named Miss Trefusis. Roald describes Miss Trefusis as "all bones and grey skin, and when she walked her body was bent forward in a
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