Miss Trefusis Character Analysis

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A lady who claims '' fingers are just implements '' ( The Voyage out 49 ) and a man who sliced another man's head off with two swings and felt overjoyed about it. Mdisho and Miss Trefusis come from very different backgrounds, but Dalh portrays both characters as interesting people. Firstly, Miss Trefusis is an elderly woman who Dalh had seen peeling an orange a very unusual way, she was making '' a series of neat incisions in the skin all around the orange '' ( The Voyage Out 42 ). Peeling the orange using a knife and a fork, reason being, is because Miss Trefusis has an odd disliking of fingers, she describes them as filthy and foul. As for toes, she describes those as the nastiest part of the human body. But nonetheless she was still impatient, intelligent, generous, and interesting women he knew. Dahl liked Miss Trefusis very much and he knew she would come to his rescue anytime.…show more content…
I made him my personal ‘boy’ and soon the two of us had formed a friendship that I found rather marvelous. '' Dalh says ( The Beginning of War, 16 ). He was a warrior with fighting in his blood, he came to dalh one day, eagerly explaining that he sliced one of the Germani's heads off like a 'coconut' with two swings. ‘'I felt good then, bwana, I really felt awfully good'' he told Dalh ( The beginning of War, 40 ). Comparatively, both Miss Trefusis and Mdisho are both interesting people and they are both people that Dalh feels comfortable with. They aren't like the rest of the people on the ship, he describes them differently, not necessarily warm-hearted but something of that nature. Their stories are both very interesting and unique unlike others in the
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