Miss Watson Quotes From Huck Finn

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With the lessons or morals that Miss Watson was instilling amongst Huck, the reader may infer that she is a religious woman, maybe more specifically a Christian woman, since she was referring to Hell and Heaven while talking to Huck. However, though I am not Christian, I can infer that the religion is against the owning of another human being promotes peace and equality. If this is true, then what gives her the right to have slaves of her own. (80 words)
Tom Sawyer was a boy that Huck almost seemed to look up to and admire even though Tom had a rebellious imagination. The reader learned that Tom “was a boy that was respectable, and well brung up…; he was bright and not leather-headed; and knowing and not ignorant” (Twain 212). Yet he still …show more content…

Moreover, no religion should allow a person being used or traded like property, and instead they should talk about the values of life. The first part of the quote states that no one amongst the two families is a coward. Well, then if someone is not a coward then that must mean they can stand up to and against anything and everything. Then if this is true, then why do the families own slaves if they claim they aren’t cowards. If they aren’t cowards, they should be able to do things by themselves without having someone else do it for them. The second part of the quotes is ironic because while they’re at church, the sermon is about brotherly love, but while the sermon is going on, the complete opposite is going between the two families who are ready to start war with each other at any moment. If they go to practice a religion that teaches people to be peaceful and to view others as equals, then why do they own slaves and bring weapons to a place where you practice these morals. (197 …show more content…

Moreover, these two quotes however, are contradictory to each other; they tell the reader what kind of person she really is. Aunt Sally was a woman that tried to make sure everything and everyone had everything they needed. However, when Huck tells her a slave died, she did not care at all about the man’s life or who really was because of his skin color. Huck even told her he was a Christian man, since we later learn that she was Christian herself. Even though Huck was lying, it showed Aunt Sally’s true colors. Then, Aunt Sally does not let Sid “Tom” leave on an empty stomach, claiming that it wouldn’t be Southern hospitality if he didn’t stay. Southern hospitality means to be warm, sweet, and welcoming of others, but when is it ok for someone to own someone else as property and call it hospitality. (165

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