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Miss Western Days is much more than a title, crown, and sash. During this past year, I have gained so many incredible experiences, memories, and friendships. Through representing our beautiful town of Elgin at various parades and events, I have found myself more involved in the community than ever before.

One of my favorite memories during this time is many younger girls looking up to me and hoping to be like me one day. I would like to thank my parents and family for giving me the opportunity to do this pageant, and always pushing me to do my best. I also want to thank my court for assisting in parades and maintaining the float. I would like to thank Mrs. Jodie Lopez, Mrs. Gena Carter, and Mrs. Sonia Browder for all of their support. Most importantly, I thank God for giving me the guidance and confidence to compete in this pageant.
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To the next Miss Western Days, I hope that you cherish the friendships and memories you make along the way, because before you know, you will be passing down your crown just like I am today. Thank you and God

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