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D-The patient missed Orientation II and reports she was stuck in traffic. This writer informed the patient about calling the clinic to inform the facilitator that she was running late; howevfer, the patient reports that her boyfirend as her phone as why she was unable to call. The patient signed treatment contract due to the missed Orientation and also, non-compliance with UDS testing. The patient and this writer agreed to completed Orientation II on Thursdays whereas this writer completed Orientation I as it pertains to the policy and procedure of the clinic-importance of attending all scheduled appointment, i.e. medical and individual sessions, daily dosing, hold list, Breathalyer, notifying Nursing regards to prescription medication and patient 's to notify PCP about their…show more content…
The patient throughout the session after the Orientation I discussion, tends to focus on her boyfriends needs rather than her own, at which this writer tend to redirect the patient to focus on herself throughout her recovery process. The patient proclaims her dislike of her current employer, but says that her manager gives her money because the manager feels sorry for her. The patient is saving her money to buy her boyfriend a phone, but then needs sanitary napkins and other hygiene products. This writer address this concern with the patient about putting her needs first and to get herself situated, at which it appears that the patient was listening to this writer concern but then continues to put her needs as…show more content…
The patient appears to be alert, engaging, and oriented. There was no evidence of

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