Missing Girl: A Short Story Of A Missing Girl

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“Mom I know I 'm a lot older now but you should tell me a story , I 'm bored.” Go read a book then or better yet clean your room.” “C’mon ma please ?” “Alright just something short though, hmm oh I 've got one.” 1999 December 31st New Years Eve 6pm. It 's New Years the youth is out celebrating, many crazed things are happening that night especially for this group of teens. Aliyah the popular pretty faced cheer captain that every guy and even some girls want. Then there 's Jay her arm candy the typical High School dream boy, captain of the varsity football team, six foot three, has everyone falling in his golden brown curls. Can’ t forget his best friend , Lucas Smith the hot guy with the brains. He continues to shock everyone because he isn…show more content…
The teens had a horrible blood shedding plan that night. A few months ago, there was a missing girl in they 're small little town which was quite unusual nothing really ever happens in this town everyone kinda knew everyone and who they were and which family they belong to so a missing person is something not really anyone expects. The name of the missing girl is Rebecca let 's just say she Aliyah had some pretty rocky history. No one knew where Rebecca had been some assumed she ran off somewhere because her parents were pretty strict actually really strict. So that was the only assumption there were a search team for about a 2 weeks and a half, but there was no clues there was nothing to lead them to the girl. It 's like looking for a door in a pitch black room. Three months later and Rebecca returns during fourth period screaming and crying to get someone 's attention to help luckily coach Johnson was out there with his PE class because the buildings are a lot further from where she was. She continued to scream and cry Aliyah’s name repeatedly and claimed that Aliyah torture her. No one really knew who the girl was at first because she looked unrecognizable, her face was bruised and cut so badly her own mother didn 't even know who she was. Many people tried to interview and ask her questions to further investigate, but Rebbeca went completely mute and hasn 't spoken to…show more content…
That was found overdosed with illegal drugs in his house late at night and jay was the last person he was seen with. His mother was confident it way jay but everyone else thought she was lying because jay has such a positive influence on the town. The story was tragic, but everyone kinda let it fade away. Lucas was the only survivor of the house fire. Both his parents died that night. Many people of this town accused him of being the one to start the house fire, but didn 't believe believe that such a bright young boy would do such a thing. He had so much ahead of him his family wasn 't wealthy, but he was financially stable though and was very social. Police and investigators couldn 't find any reason for the fire and the incident was filed as a freak accident.
Kayla was recently released from a mental institution because the stabbed murder of her brother was too overwhelming she lost her mind. No one accused her or suspected her because they seemed so close while he was alive she was

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