Missing Home Assignment

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On 07/18/2017 I, Deputy Daniel Pruitt was dispatched to 13535 South 177th West Avenue for a larceny complaint. I spoke to Angela Richison who made the following statement. Angela said on 07/17/2017 she had her house cleaner Leah Wicker come to clean her home. Angela said Leah has been cleaning her home for the past four years. Angela said on 07/17/2017 Leah brought her friend Kelsey Raney to help her clean Angela 's home. Angela said she was home during this time but did not watch Kelsey. Angela said Kelsey was cleaning her bathroom. Angela said after Kelsey left she noticed some items missing and are listed in the property section of this report. Angela said she checked her camera 's and saw Kelsey made several trips to her car after…show more content…
Leah said she went to clean Angela 's house on 07/17/2017. Angela said she asked her roommate Kelsey to help her clean the house. Leah said after returning home she was called by Angela. Leah said Angela told her some items were missing from her home. Leah said Angela told her she saw Kelsey make several trips to Leah 's car. Angela told Leah the video showed Kelsey putting items into the car. Leah said she asked Kelsey about taking the items. Leah said Kelsey started packing her things to leave the house. Leah she found a prescription pill bottle with Angela 's name on the bottle. Leah said after Kelsey left she found a vapor cigarette on the ground where Kelsey 's car was parked. Leah said the Vapor cigarette was the same kind that was taking from Angela 's home. Leah said she has tried to call Kelsey and has not been able to speak to her. Leah said she not sure if Kelsey was still in Oklahoma or went back to Arkansas. Leah said Kelsey packed all her property when she left the home. Leah contacted Sapulpa Police and made report on the items Kelsey took from her home. Leah was working at the time I spoke to her. I left a statement at Leah 's home for her to fill out and Leah said she would drop off the statement at the sheriff

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