Missing Mama Analysis

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“Don't judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.” Said Sharon Creech in the novel “Walk Two Moons”. Sal (Walk Two Moons) and Claudia (Missing Mama) Share the same feeling of losing their mothers in a tragic way. “Walk Two Moons” and the poem “Missing Mama” by Claudia Lee share the same theme of overcoming adversity. The main character of “Walk Two Moons” Sal (Short for Salamanca) has to overcome her mom leaving her and her dad and going to Idaho. What she didn’t find out until the next year was while her mom was on her way to Idaho she died in a bus crash. Sal talks about what her mother said a few days before she left and how she mentioned leaving but she never thought her mom would leave forever. “She said she had to leave in order to clear her head, and to clear her heart of all the bad things She needed to learn about what she was.” Once Sal’s mother leaves a few days…show more content…
Walk Two Moons takes its time to show you that Sal's mother died whereas the poem “Missing Mama” is right to the point. One of the feelings that they both go through is not being able to go with their mothers and be with them forever. In Claudia's poem, she writes “The day that you left I just didn't know, That you were going where I couldn't go” They both feel miserable about losing their mothers. Claudia’s feelings towards her mother aren't as deep as Sal’s to her mother. “But gosh, how I miss you and wish you were here.” this quote is from the poem “Missing Mama”. Sal thought that when her mother left she would be able to see her again, she wasn't worried about not being able to see her until she found out that her mother had died. After her mother died she just felt like she wanted to be with her and tell her things that she hadn't told her before. Claudia Lee feels the same way about her mother, even though her mother had a chance of living she felt hopeful until she finally
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