Missing Person Case Study

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In February 2002, a missing person case became a heart-melting homicide investigation. This was a test of morals and patients. A Quebec man was arrested and charged in the 2002 death of Adrienne McColl; the 21-year-old's body was found on February 17 in a Alberta field,16 years ago.
Recently Gatineau police arrested 49-year-old Stéphane Parent, he is facing a second-degree murder charge in McColl's death. The facts that is evident to the general public in terms of this case are that Parent was fired from his job at the bar just days before McColl’s death, the bar owner reported that someone stole $8,400 from the restaurant. Calgary police theorized that this crime could be related to the homicide and DNA evidence has been brought to the case
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However, these truly came into question when it comes to Stéphane Parent investigation. This will be a trial in which Parent will be accused of the cold case death of Adrienne Mccoll.

This is truly a heart-wrenching case. This criminal law case had much precedent set before it so it will not be hard for the case to have a ruling and the expectation is that according to that everyone must be treated equally under the law.

Now for my position, this is a cold murder case where the defendant has not provided a statement defending himself nor has his lawyer released a testimony on his behalf. The day after valentine's day 16 years ago, Stéphane Parent vanished after the murder of his girlfriend. In my perspective, their seems to be something ambiguous about this
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V. Nette was a case that took place on August 21, 1995, in which, Clara Loski a 95-year-old widow who lived alone in her house in Kelowna BC was found dead in her bedroom while her home was robbed. After investigations conducted by RCMP arrest was made for Daniel Nette, he had made a statement to police saying that he was involved in the robbery and the death of Loski. Neete was charged with first-degree murder as his statement was used under the Miranda warning “anything that you say will and can be held against you”Similarly, there may be evidence that comes up that had been collected in the same many for our
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