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Gary Jackson, an African-American, who is into the comic-books world of Superman, Batman and the X-Men. In the book Missing you, Metropolis by Gary Jackson, many of the poems is about his friend Stuart and Jackson. They read comics together and grow up together. By experiencing comic books Jackson corporate superheroes in his search for self-identity but escape from reality, a theme that I feel like Jackson used throughout the collection of poems was friendship. In real life and comic book, friendship take a good place in the life of the people, to the point that are treated with love, take care of each other and feel like if that person is your other half.
In the poem “Stuart” Jackson first introduces his friend Stuart, they have been friends for long time. The way Jackson describes their relationship is so strong, they have too many thing is common, “We had a comic origin, out coincidence too significant to be ignored. We were Batman and Robing, Captain America and Bucky—No created to be singular” (lls. 17-20). This quote reveals how strong is the friendship between Stuart and Jackson. They compared themselves as superheroes in the comic books that are never separated. On the one hand, we can tell how they like to read comic books. On the other hand, in the poem “How to Get
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During one of the last poem called “Fade” shows how hard was for Jackson, Stuart ‘death which has been very frustrating, he starts remembering Stuart and the good days, but only in dreams. Just because all their memories together are trapped into his mind. Jackson miss Stuart and he will never forget about him and he stated “Stuart talked to me in dreams so real” (lls. 1) the only way he can see his best friend is in his dreams. But in his dreams Stuart always end up dead “They all ended the same. Soon I prayed for waking”, this means he’s afraid, because he cannot enjoy his dreams with
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