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Wonder resort hotel and spa is family friendly place which provides a five star service and is all about wonders it has a breath taking sea view and offers aside from the comfortable quiet rooms for people who need a time off, a variety of different entertainment sources such as a gaming/arcade room, inside cinema, a library for bookworms, with its extraordinary large pools private and non-private, spa, various restaurants and special events from time to time. In this essay I will create a mission/ vision statement, apply STEEP and SWOT to the wonder resort hotel and spa.
The aims and values of a company in summary are called the mission statement. The wonder resort hotel and spa’s mission statement is “Our mission is to make you feel like
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It can also be defined as a set of external factors, such as economic, social, political and legal factors, demographic factors and technical factors, which cannot be controlled and which affect the efficiency of the company. Social environment includes social factors such as customs, traditions, values, beliefs, literacy, life expectancy etc. For example, the hotel specified a pool for women only and an adult room for only grownups. The main factors affecting the economic environment are economic politics, economic situation and factors such as energy prices, transport costs, the price of telecommunications services, quality standards, the influence of the banking sector etc. Such as, if the income is low the hotel might consider lowering the prices of the rooms to accommodate with the decrease of income. The political environment includes the political system, government policy, the attitude towards the business community, trade unions etc. All these aspects have an impact on the design of corporates strategy. They include the rules and regulations given by the government. Technological environment includes methods, techniques and approaches adopted for production of products and services and their…show more content…
The SWOT model continues to be popular because of its simplicity and because of the type of data it is capable of generating; and it stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. The acronym SWOT stands for the review of an organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats forecasted to occur in the external environment.(Siciliano, 2016). Strength can be defined as the advantages of the organization, in particular, something you own and others don’t own. Wonder resort offers a variety of entertainment sources that other hotels near their location don’t offer as much. Weaknesses are something you need but don’t own or something you do poorly in relative of others. For example, the food choices don’t satisfy all customers. Opportunities are the external trend or factor that the organization can exploited for their own. Such as expanding the hotel or opening up in a new location. Last it the threats, something that might harm the company in the future. For example,

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