Mission And Mission Statement For The Wonder Resort Hotel And Spa

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Wonder resort hotel and spa is family friendly place which provides a five star service and is all about wonders it has a breath taking sea view and offers aside from the comfortable quiet rooms for people who need a time off, a variety of different entertainment sources such as a gaming/arcade room, inside cinema, a library for bookworms, with its extraordinary large pools private and non-private, spa, various restaurants and special events from time to time. In this essay I will create a mission/ vision statement, apply STEEP and SWOT to the wonder resort hotel and spa.
The aims and values of a company in summary are called the mission statement. The wonder resort hotel and spa’s mission statement is “Our mission is to make you feel like home, away from home. – Our luxurious rooms filled with everything that is needed to give you a sense of relaxation and we deliver entertainment at its best at the same time. The main aim is to make this experience unforgettable in the minds of our customers”. A vision statement is what a company desires to be in the future. The goals they want to achieve by guiding and showing what the company wants to be and the company’s direction. “Our vision is to become a leading brand in the market, to be known as one of the most luxurious hotels and expand over the next 10 years all over the world.”
Next is the external environment, STEEP, The term external business environment refers to an aggregate environment that may have a direct or indirect

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