Mission And Vision Analysis: Asian Paints

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Generally, the main purpose behind the company’s mission and vision statements is to inform the stake holders and general public regarding what the organization is, what the reason behind establishing it is, what it seeks to accomplish and who it seeks to serve.
Mission statements basically tend to be precise, clear and they should be realistic in nature. The vision statement tends to be expressed as a perspective of what a company wants to achieve in the future. Fig: Ashridge Model
They are committed to provide paints to the market as per the demand, and they ensure that the customer receives desired product quality and service. Asian Paints aims to become the largest decorative
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The statement of core purpose answers the question that why an organization does exists.
Asian paints continuously strive for rejuvenating each and every living and working space of the customers and to bring happiness and joy to their lives.
Behaviour standards
The mission statement clearly shows behaviour standards of the organization. Asian paints mainly concentrates on the technology that makes constant innovations in their paints (colours) and this process is the reason behind their victory, because they clearly understand the needs and desires of the customers and they act accordingly. They deal their customers with utmost care and respect. They also believe that trust is very important to their business.
Vision statement creates the image of the organization about what it desires to be and in broad terms, what it eventually wants to attain. In other words, vision statement points at the position of the Organization in the near future.
The vision statement of Asian paints is “We want to be an innovative, agile, and responsive world class research and technology organisation that’s aligned to future customer needs and catalyses the growth of the company across existing and future
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60,000 crore
 Indian government has allowed 100% FDI’s into the Indian chemical Industry, since paint is also a chemical, FDI’s entered into paint industry also
 Since more than 300 raw materials are used in the paint production process, most of the times those raw materials go scarce because of which there is an interruption in the production process, so this forces the industry to maintain high inventories
 Prices of all these raw materials are

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